Modified Dutch Auction Tender Offer Forms

(Start Date: 05/17/2024 and Expiration Date: 06/20/2024)

Title Date Download Link
Offer to Purchase Letter 05/17/2024
Tender Offer Summary and FAQ’s 05/17/2024
Letter of Transmittal - Modified Dutch Auction 05/17/2024
Withdrawal Letter 05/17/2024
Shareholder Notice Letter 05/17/2024

Quarterly Repurchase Program Forms

(Start Date: 03/26/2024 and Expiration Date: 04/25/2024)

Title Date Download Link
Repurchase Calendar 02/02/2024
Form of Notice of Withdrawal (Cancellation of Repurchase Form) 3/26/2024

General Forms

Title Date Download Link
Account Maintenance Form 12/18/2020
Custodian Change Form 12/18/2020
Transfer on Death Beneficiary Authorization 12/18/2020
MSC Transfer and Assignment of Shares 12/18/2020

Organizational Actions

Title Date Download Link
HMS Income Fund 2012 Form 8937 10/26/2012